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Technical design and development

The design department, present in the transmission and pharmaceutical / nutraceutical area, counts on a working group composed of competent and close-knit engineers and experts, a highly qualified and professional staff that animates the technical offices and the design offices with experience gained in various industrial sectors.

All the phases of the design, from the initial evaluation to the compilation of bills and manuals, passing through the creation of 3D parts and / or assemblies and their related tables, are carried out with appropriate procedures according to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

We develop customized solutions according to customer needs thanks to the most modern technologies and 3D software.

The design offices deal with market analysis, project development and prototype construction, take care of the testing phase of the products up to the launch on the market. The technical offices are responsible for acquiring customer documentation, carrying out feasibility studies and developing products, taking care of their production, launch and purchases.


We take care of all stages of the production process, combining different types of production such as large mechanical machining, turning and milling activities; the realization of cams, gears and grinding and the welding process.

The production departments are made up of qualified and motivated personnel: using a CAM system, it is possible in a short time to respond to customer requests, especially with respect to the creation of prototypes. Thanks to careful planning and the support of management software, the company is able to have a real-time view of the progress of every single detail. All stages of production are carried out in full compliance with the ISO 9001 quality standard.


In the assembly departments all the parts conform to quality control converge to be assembled by expert personnel. Developed on separate, clean environments and equipped with dry-run bench, tachometers and digital thermometers, these departments are specialized in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic assembly, managing to supply the customer with both mechanical groups and “turnkey” machines as well as prototypes with high technological value, already tested according to the check-lists developed according to the customer, and respecting the estimated delivery times. These departments also carry out maintenance activities on existing industrial plants.

Logistics and shipping

Products and orders are sorted through cutting-edge management and logistics systems, combined with a meticulous organization of warehouses. We use various types of packaging such as vacuum packaging, shipping packaging and air shipping packaging.


CT Group considers quality control a fundamental component of its company policy. This is a fundamental phase of production and for this reason we rely on competent personnel who, with the help of electronic scanning measuring instruments, carry out the necessary checks during all stages of the process.

All products are certified and the outgoing quality is guaranteed by the fact that the processes are continuously monitored and innovated.

At the customer’s request, non-destructive tests are carried out on the products (such as penetrating liquids, ultrasounds, magnetoscopy) in order to ensure the reliability and performance for which it was designed.

Our attention to quality and high production standards are attested by various certifications:

Research and development

The future is beyond design and production, it means constantly reinvesting in innovation and R&D, also using highly performing process and resource management systems.

For this reason, in the companies of the group, we use Polifemo (multifunctional system for the management and traceability of employees and visitors, holidays and permits and for the planning of shifts, contracts and payslips, corporate communications) and Lisa (Layer Integrated System Access, i.e. a platform that uses artificial intelligence to manage the company’s production flow using data from existing management systems and produce analysis reports).

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