Design, development and construction in build-to-print mode of state-of-the-art mechanical components and groups.
The company

Omp S.p.A., with 2 operational offices and 10,000 square meters of state-of-the-art production facilities, is a leader in build-to-print production. Thanks to the experience and skills gained on an international scale, it is able to offer precision, quality and functionality in the creation of customized solutions for high-tech industrial plants: 

Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical assembly of customized automatic machines 

Precision mechanical processing (turning, milling, grinding) 

Dedicated department for stainless steel processing 

Production of mechanical components in carbon steel or stainless steel of various kinds for multiple business areas 

Production range

Machine frames
Conveyor belts
Precision mechanical processing
Material loading-unloading systems, bundle loads and unwinders
Worked carpentry
Bottleneck machines
Oversize mechanical processing


Construction and assembly of mechanical groups in Build-To-Print mode

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